FCC Model numbers: Finding your USRobotics Model Number
Many products have both USRobotics Model (Product) Numbers or Codes and FCC Model Numbers. Most current products have matching FCC Model Numbers and USRobotics Model Numbers, but many older products do not. Follow the steps below to identify your product and possibly match your FCC Model Number to your USRobotics Model Number.
  1. Find your FCC Model Number from the box list below.
  2. Determine which USRobotics Product Code is your actual product. Our Support 101 may help you determine which Product Code is yours.
  3. Get Support for your product. At the Support Main Menu page, select your correct product code or, if you have an OEM product, go to the OEM drivers page.

    Note: If you need to call for support, you will need your four-digit USRobotics Model Number. The FCC Model Number will not work. For more information, refer to the Support 101 page to determine your model number.

The following numbers may be FCC Chipset numbers: 0311 0412 0462 0525 0540 0571 0573 0584 0590 0596 0613 0634 0637 0640 0642 0643 0645 0648 0649 0667 0696 0701 0706 0711 0726 0727 0733 0766 0775 0778 0788 0889 0891 0896 0898 0921 CJE-0224 CJE-0235 CJE-0236 CJE-0245 CJE-0263 CJE-0265 CJE-0266 CJE-0268 CJE-0269 CJE-0276 CJE-0280 CJE-0283 CJE-0286 CJE-0294 CJE-0295 CJE-0297 CJE-0313 CJE-0318 CJE-0320 CJE-0321 CJE-0325 CJE-0332 CJE-0334 CJE-0335 CJE-0340 CJE-0347 CJE-0350 CJE-0374 CJE-0375 CJE-0383 CJE-0396 CJE-0411 CJE-0412 CJE-0413 CJE-0418 CJE-0420 CJE-0423 CJE-0459 CJE-0460 CJE-0461 CJE-0462 CJE-0467 CJE-0478 CJE-0481 CJE-0484 CJE-0524 CJEMUL-35739 CJEMUL-35731

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