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Please note that some support information may refer to your modem as a "3Com USRobotics" product. Support information may reside on the 3Com Web site.

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    All international support contact information can be found at USRobotics International Contacts.

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    Support Phone: (888) 326-6099

    Warranty Service

    To obtain warranty repair service, you must first contact a Customer Service Representative using the appropriate Technical Support number corresponding to your product.

    Sales Support

    These are NOT technical support numbers.

    General Pre-sales Issues

    If you have questions about products contact USRobotics: call Toll Free: (877) 710-0884 or e-mail using our online e-mail form

    Helpful Links

    Modem Updates

    If you would like to find out if an update is available for your sportster modem, visit the V.92 Upgrade page or visit your individual product's support page.

    Registering Your Modem

    Use the Warranty Registration Form to register your modem.

    Modem Repairs

    Learn how to send in your modem for repairs at the Repairs page.

    Product Code

    Having trouble finding your product code? Visit the Support 101 page.

    E-mail the Webmaster

    If you are having problems with the Web site, please
    fill out a form to e-mail the Webmaster.

    3Com Technical Support

    You may find some additional support information at

    Warranty Service Learn how to send your product in for warranty service.

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