USRobotics Mini NAS provides easy backup and remote access for small business


Belstar Media


Dubuque, IA

Type of User:

Small Business Owner, Website design and programming

Product Used:

USR8710 uShare™ Mini NAS Adapter

Belstar Media

The Challenge: Backup and remotely access files

This small business owner both works out a small office as well as her home office, while working with employees, contractors, and clients around the world. All files were located on a laptop that was quickly showing its age, with the occasional backup on an external hard drive. She realized she needed a better system, one that everyone could easily have access to, no matter the location or time.

The Solution: Easy and fast Network Attached Storage

uShare Mini NAS Adapter

A USRobotics Mini NAS Adapter was installed at the main office using the backup external hard drive already on hand. Now with easy access to a shared mapped drive, it was no longer a hassle to run backups or have access to files while in the office using the local network. At home or while traveling, access is just as easy using the WebDAV remote access as long as Internet is available. Accessible via a mapped drive, it is just like working on a local network, but with access to the hard drive back in the main office.

When other employees or contractors need access to files, they each have specific secure logins allowing them access to only certain folders that the owner has specified. No more worries about other people gaining access to financial information or sensitive projects or clients.

The Benefits

The NAS adapter easily converted a previously used hard drive into network attached storage, without pricey additional drives or complicated configuration. While providing easy, quick access to files on the local network the Mini NAS also provided an easy way to share a printer and access the files while not at the main office. The NAS adapter allows flexibility needed for this small business.

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