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Stable and Secure Dialup Modem provides reliability for mission critical operations

gilbarco S.p.A.


Gilbarco S.r.l.


Florence, Italy

Type of Business:

Fuel Distribution

Products Used:

USR805630G 56K* V.92 Serial Controller Faxmodem

Gilbarco S.r.l, a subsidiary of the Danaher group, develops and distributes advanced automation solutions in the pan-European fuel distribution sector. The company defines itself through its innate versatility, an international mission and an eye firmly on the future. These are the characteristics that have allowed Gilbarco to develop innovative fuel management solutions and to support the business of some of the major players in the fuel distribution market in Italy and Europe. Gilbarco transforms the specific requirements of each customer into tailored and winning solutions thanks to the focus the company dedicates to the evolution of the sector and its continued research into new technologies. The company positions itself as a reliable and flexible business partner for international high-profile projects and is continually developing, extending and updating itís own portfolio of products and services.

gilbarco fuel

The Challenge: Reliable, widely available connectivity

Despite the increasing deployment of broadband connectivity in the fuel distribution sector there are still many areas where dial-up is still the only channel available to deliver true value add services. Whether we are talking about connections for bank transactions or the deployment of system updates it is still preferable to use dial-up which is available everywhere and guarantees greater security. The reliability of these connections is the key to success for the delivery of this product and this service.

The Solution: Rock Solid Serial Controller Faxmodem

Over the past 15 years Gilbarco has acquired more than 20,000 USR805630G 56K Serial Controller Faxmodems. The USRobotics 56K Serial Controller Faxmodem combines high performance features and a reliability that is typically only found in a controller based modem. These features include, amongst others, the convenience of V.92 and V.22 technology and energy savings of up to 75%. Fast Connect V.22 technology, which reduces the connection time for the transfer of small data volumes, and the protected connectivity function both make the modem ideal for POS systems. The modem is also highly suitable for deployment in M2M environments (Machine to Machine) in which secure data transmission and remote server or network management are required for diagnostics, trouble shooting, and out of band maintenance.

The industrial PC that drives the main operational functions of the petrol station is installed with the USRobotics modem once the internal certification process has been successfully completed. The modem is connected to the station server and is used for carrying out both bank transactions from the forecourt pumps and for payments at the pay desk. The server station is also accessible from automated systems to send updates and for remote assistance with the operator.

The Benefits: Time Proven Quality and Reliability

ďThe USRobotics product is a device that has proven itself time and time again to be capable of guaranteeing the required reliability for mission critical operations and to efficiently support our customerís business.Ē comments Riccardo Falevolti, European Product Manager for Retail Operations. Gilbarco has chosen to deploy USRobotics products because they have worldwide certification and their reliability and high quality have been proven for more than 30 years in the business world. Gilbarco is a worldwide market leader in the petroleum sector with clients across the globe and all products deployed in our solutions are subjected to rigorous quality testing to avoid breakdowns and additional costs. For Gilbarco quality is foremost and for this reason we have chosen USRobotics as a strategic technical partner for all these years.

The Supplier/Reseller: MIPS Informatica SPA

As a result of a twenty year consolidated business and technical relationship with Gilbarco, MIPS Informatica SPA has been installing the USRobotics Model 5630 device for the company for more than 15 years. MIPS Informatica put the product forward initially to Gilbarco and has supported and followed itís evolution over the years, continually proving itself to be a competent and reliable partner for the deployment of large scale projects.

MIPS Informatica in brief

MIPS Informatica SPA is proud to partner with some of the leading manufacturers in the IT world. The company is a HP Gold Specialist 2013, a Microsoft Silver Desktop+Server Platform Partner and Small Business Specialist, a TOP Select Expert Fujitsu, a CANON Partner, a DELL Direct Partner and a Toshiba Select Top Authorized Reseller. With offices in Liguria and Tuscany MIPS Informatica markets and supports a wide range of products from notebooks to multiprocessor server racks. The company also designs and installs networks and IT security systems as well as providing multi-brand technical assistance and offering IT training courses for businesses.

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